09:00 – 18:00

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Meranti Permai


09:00 – 18:00

Monday to Friday

Meranti Permai


About Us

Hosana Kitchen’s Story

Hosana Kitchen was founded in 1996. It was founded with the aim to deliver more reasonble and valueble kitchen cabinet to everyone as well as improving the funtionality & practicality of kitchens. Hosana Kitchen then started a small workshop in Taman Perindustrian Puchong. With little capital in hand, it wasn’t possible to invest in automated machines. It was fully rely on labour.

Manual Cutting

A Turning Point for Hosana Kitchen

After running the factory for sometime, we faced some complaints. Customer was unhappy with our products. Generally, they said our workmanship is not great. Deep in our heart , we knew the poor workmanship is attributed to precision. In order to enhance further our workmanship , we knew it was time to invest in automated high precision machine .

Starting form year 2000, we invested a numbers of fully automated machine.We started with a fully auto edge banding machine, follow by panel saw. In 2006 we bought a CNC point to point machine. With these machines, we had minimum complaints  from customer. We also managed to cut down the cost by

i) increase output

ii) Cutting down human error.

Hence, from that day onward, we are able to give more value, quality prduct to customer

Computer Cutting Machine

Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Computer Point to Point Machine

A new learning process for Hosana Kitchen

In 2006 & 2008, Hosana Kitchen became sole distributor of German Poggenpohl Kitchen and Italian Snaidero Kitchen. We had a good learning process in these 2 iconic brand in the world. In these few years, we started to learn into in depth of design. We learnt the 5 senses of human reacted to design. We also learnt the elements of colour.

Not only design, we also learnt the detail of certain product. For example, we were given solution as  why lacquer (spray Paint) door would turn yellow and dark color lacquered door would fade. We were also taught how to prevent hinges from giving way. It was all about detail. To German & Italian, detail makes the kitchen.

Fully Imported kitchen we have done

Hosana Kitchen is Detail & Value oriented

Hosana Kitchen believes in DETAIL. We believe “detail makes or break”. That’s why we are learning all the time. We listen to our customer needs. We believe everyone is different and hence everyone has different needs. In order to meet the needs, we have been doing a lot of Research & Development in both the Design as well as Production. We spent a lot of resources in R&D. As we paid each & every single attention to detail, we started to meet our customers’ need. With continuous passion in meeting the customers’ need, we refined the colors, finishes , atmosphere and every single motion of the cabinets. WE BELIEVE YOU ARE SPECIAL!