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Are you hesitate whether to use Full Aluminium Carcase as Kitchen Cabinet ?

Is Full Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet worthy to invest

Aluminium Carcase for kitchen cabinet is getting more attention now. The Pro of aluminium kitchen is of course it is water proof’s property. However the down side is it’s price which is 4 to 5 folds of normal wooden cabinet.

Let’s see if there are ways to prevent water damage?

Water damage in the cabinet usually happens in the sink cabinet. In other base cabinet, it is quite rare water damage happens unless flood. Most wooden made cabinet has certain level of water resistance. However, the cabinet is still damage due to the attitude of being ignorant when water pipe start to drip. So, is there any other way to avoid water damage from happening?

In order to avoid water damage from happening, you are advised to check your plumbing periodically, say 2 weeks once. It’s pretty fast to check. What you have to do is just touch the joint of the incoming and outgoing pipes to see if there is any damp or water. Look around the base panel of the sink cabinet, see if there is any water in pool form. If this happens, stop using the sink before it is fixed by plumber.

Another way to prevent is convert the sink cabinet to either stainless steel, aluminium, foam panel cabinet. As I said earlier, water damage usually happens in sink cabinet. To get these material to be used as sink cabinet will deter the damage of cabinet. In this way , the whole kitchen cabinet becomes more affordable. Of course, it you have extra budget, thee is no harm to use Full Aluminium  as kitchen cabinet. But from my experience , the budget is always not enough when moving to a new home. Isn’t it good we spend wisely? I’m sure there is always other places we can spend like house appliances, loose furniture as well as lighting in the house.

When you should use Fully Aluminium Carcase

Please do not get me wrong as though I’m against Full Aluminium Kitchen. Hosana Kitchen has Full Aluminium kitchen as well. The concept I’m telling now is like Insurance. I’m sure we all buy insurance. As you know Insurance doesn’t cover earth quake by default. So, what are the chances to get earth quake in Malaysia? It could be 1% I guess. So , would you cover your house with earth quake Insurance? I’m sure most of us won’t . Right? So my advice is to use Full Aluminium Carcase Cabinet wisely , like flood area house.